Our mission is to ensure environmental justice through Public Involvement in every state, city community and neighborhood where our services are needed.  We are committed to effective public outreach so that every voice is heard and communicated.


We strive be recognized as the premiere public involvement firm with innovative strategies, meticulous attention to client’s needs and creative networking. Joining the efforts of state and local transportation agencies, engineering firms, and academic institutions,  we are uniquely positioned to successfully ensure Public Involvement in the journey to environmental Justice everywhere.


Neighborhood Solutions is a full-service Public Involvement and Public Information firm.   We provide our clients with services to successfully meet the requirements of each client’s project. Founded in 2002, Neighborhood Solutions continues to document a track record of successes.  We have been able to meet sensitive timelines and budget constraints in our planning and implementation processes.


We are committed to understanding the goals and objectives of our clients and their projects before the project begins  We understand that building relationships with community stakeholders, formal and informal leaders, elected officials and agency personnel are tantamount to our success.  We understand, too, the vital importance of respecting the history and culture of the communities we serve, for every project engagement.


Neighborhood Solutions understands the many variables that make a neighborhood. Our professionals are skilled in reaching and communicating with the public, irrespective of culture, income, education, subject or project. We are proficient in developing and implementing public involvement plans that meet the National Environmental Policy Act standards for Environment Impact Statements and Assessments. Our unique abilities to identify targeted audiences, develop the tools that will assist us in shaping messages and provide complete, easy-to-understand information makes Neighborhood Solutions successful.



Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments


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A Public Involvement Firm Specializing in Environmental Justice. Serving communities throughout the U.S.

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