Public Involvement is not only important, it’s the law

This is the foundation of Neighborhood Solutions.


Public Involvement goes well beyond the distribution of flyers and facilitating public meetings.  Neighborhood Solutions  believes that successful Public Involvement requires:


Out of the box creative thinking

Educating Communities

Successful Outreach

Expert meeting facilitation

Expert event planning

Delivery of measurable results


Neighborhood Solutions understands that most communities have various and dissimilar needs, and often with competing priorities.  For each project during the last 15 years, Neighborhood Solution has successfully demonstrated its understanding of each community’s individual culture.  We know how to develop and shape messages and information that will reach impacted communities. FHWA has recognized two of its public involvement projects as Environmental Justice Best Practices:  I-70 East Corridor EIS, Denver, CO and Business 40 Improvement Project EA, Winston-Salem, NC. Our outreach methodologies were highlighted in FHWA’s brochure “How to Engage Low-Literacy & Limited English Proficiency Populations in Transportation Decision Making.”


For more than 15 years, Neighborhood Solutions has successfully facilitated community outreach; bringing communities together to find their common ground to  ensure that every proposed change to the 'landscape of their community involves the input of those impacted .


Neighborhood Solutions provides to the public, opportunities to be heard among, policy makers, transportation authorities, and the engineers who design and implement transportation solutions. Neighborhood Solutions is the ‘go-to’  Public Involvement Firm.   We have successfully participated with government agencies, civic groups, historical societies, engineering firms and countless communities in Colorado, North Carolina and South Carolina and New Jersey. Click here for Projects


Public Involvement and Environmental are our only businesses.








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